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Thread: Triple Trigger Score! Timing the Calender & Solunar Tables for Panfish Ice Fishing

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    Default Triple Trigger Score! Timing the Calender & Solunar Tables for Panfish Ice Fishing

    Ice Fishing is a tough game to play. Once a fisherman knows where the fish are located … which is more than half the battle.. when is the best time to fish for them? Fish during the cold periods have reduced metabolisms and feed during certain periods during a days time. The food chain is tied to the solunar periods where feeding activity is determined and exercised by even the tiniest organisms. Most fisherman in their history have determined sunrise and sunsets are fish feeding triggering periods… but what if the lunar period overlaps these morning or evening periods… I believe these periods then become more energized in feeding frenzie and action. A double trigger so to speak…if this double trigger is also located on a full or new moon with top FAL Fish activity levels… certainly would be the best of fishing times! I fish all three lunar periods on a full moon period with the triple trigger Full Moon/Minor.Period/Sunset at the end of the day with some predictable results.

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    When I ice fished years ago, I found that once fish were found regardless the time of day or week, my partner and I would catch fish.
    Could be a sunny day around 12 pm or evening 2 hours before sunset. Finding fish schools was the challenge; catching them pretty easy once located. The reason I chose certain lures is not based on what fish eat, when they feed or metabolism but what it is about those lures that provoke strikes. Once one fish in a school strikes, it's contagious and more fish join the party. School fish are always the target whether in 4' with weed pockets or in 10'.

    JMHO based on many outings.

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