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The most common bream here, at least for me, is the green sunfish. These have a lot bigger mouth than say a bluegill, and can be caught on bigger lures. But ... my favorite that catches all types of bream, crappie and small bass, is the South Pro Creek Spin with a small plastic. Trout magnets are good, but a bit small in diameter for the creek spin.

I haven't found these for sale anywhere and had to order them direct, 1 inch Charlie Brewer sliders. The 1 1/2 inch is good too, and available lots of places.

Creek Spins
Creekspins 1/16oz. :: Southern Pro Tackle

The bream here seem to like bright colors, especially PINK and CHARTREUSE.

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I caught this spotted bass a couple years ago, on a creek spin.

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i love to use little spinners for blue-gill , thanks for the info , i will order some of these .........i like to take the jig-head part of a beetle spin off and replace it with some of my favorite little jig-heads.......don't really know if it helps catch more fish , i just like to tinker with them....