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Thread: Trophy Blue Gill Pursuit... “Working The 8’ Flats”

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    Default Trophy Blue Gill Pursuit... “Working The 8’ Flats”

    Trophy Blue Gill Pursuit... “Working The 8’ Flats”

    With Fish Activity Levels (FAL) at 82% and a falling to steady barometer…I pursue the trophy Blue Gill (Master Angler) on highly pressured public lakes. I was late getting on the ice today just getting into position at the top of the Major.Period… again two days in a row!


    My favorite depths for the panfish especially the gill are between 6 and 9 foot range nearly all year long… yes even during the hard water season.


    Today I bring a newly rigged setup at 4’ foot long enabling me to jump from hole to hole without repeatedly bending or kneeling… tough on my back and legs! This allowed me to continue drilling and searching more holes with less fatigue… and then eventually longer stretches out on the ice.


    The fish were very active quickly gobbling the live spikes and tungsten combos… the smaller the offering the higher the level of activity. I easily tagged many eater slot B.Gills during the trip easily filling the limit with many in excess numbers


    The largest of the day tagged was near the end of the trip at 8.5”… nicely colored bull carefully released as with the rest of them today.


    pursuing the trophy 10-12” Michigan gill thru the ice… I figured many B.Gills on the falt there is a very good chance the trophy is right there mixed in… maybe travel a bit further eliminating some of the easy access fishing pressure.

    If I can't be out there fishing on the ice I enjoy reading posts of other’s conquests, video as well as pics...


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    Looking for Subscribers to enjoy discussion and suggestions thru comments and fishing knowledge sharing. Successful fishing is built on growing knowledge base. One can always learn from another angler. If I can’t fish along the bank or in the boat with you Subscribing may be the next best thing.


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    Good fishing everyone!


    Check out the ongoing ice fishing playlist… updated with current ice fishing tips and methods

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    Tight lines everyone!!



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    We have an ice fishing forum that gets very little traffic. You might try posting in there.
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