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I just wonder how stiff the Corto and the Triplecross are in comparison to the mebaru rods... In my cart I currently have 2lb flouro sunline, 3lb sniper flouro, and 2.3lb varivas ester... I did buy some 2lb maxima at bass pro on Thursday but haven’t tried it yet... and am not a fan of the hi vis stuff so it has been challenging finding lines... I do like the looks of that 2lb sunline troutino darkness that Chris has on his website...
Depends on the brand and model of the Mebaru rod. The Finezza Prototype is unique in that it is seems a very stiff rod in the hand....but load it up with some 2.1# test Varivas Super Trout Advance Sight Edition and it does a masterful job on crappie. I only caught one good crappie this past week but that told me all I needed to know about the rod. I doubt I will be using the ester line much on the Finezza Prototype....but will use ester with my area trout rods......Tice Ice Cube rods. I am pretty sure I will not be using ester on my Ajing rods unless I am after stocker trout. If I could see the clear lines I wouldn’t bother with hi-vis lines either. Let me say this about the Varivas lines. I have had a Shimano Twin Power spooled up with the Varivas 2.1# test nylon for about 9 months now. They line is till very limp......has almost no memory and just the right amount of stretch. The line is orange and I see now that Varivas Sight Edition is green in color and the smallest on the Varivas website is 3# test. But I am sure I will be getting some Sunline to play around with too. And let’s not forget the Lunakia 6’ 10”. It is also a very unique rod in the fact that it is a hybrid between the Ajing and Mebaru rods. This week I think the weather will allow me to get out for about 5 days in a row to test out rods....line combinations......to include some trout fishing. So excited I can hardly sleep! The older I become the more excited I get about fishing.


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