thnx guys
sj - go deep
thnx Randy; one of my 1st JDMs Fine Tail FTA 662SUL, 1-3 lb. For me, has a slow recovery (stops wiggling after you cast). Have to use thin wire - very sharp hooks. I like the Nextino (area stage) NTA 662UL, 2-4 lb a whole lot better. Quick recovery - casts further - and better hook set. Doesn't have the fancy butt section but does have a larger stripper guide.
Haven't seen JDM spinners either - mostly jigs, spoons & crankbaits... What they are doing with the baitcasting UL stuff is phenomenal. As usual we are so far behind the European and Japanese market on the UL gear.
Glad you are getting around Tim - now you got to get out here...