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Thread: When Posting Videos ...

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    Default When Posting Videos ...

    ... please make sure that the language in the video conforms to this site's criteria for acceptable behavior. All videos should be "family friendly" and "nothing that a child cannot view" (or hear.)

    If somebody says a naughty word in a post, I can delete the word and leave the rest of the post. I can't do that with a video. My only option is to delete the video, and I don't like doing that. I've had to delete several videos in the last few months because of bad language. In each case, the video was posted by a new member who was not aware of the site's language rules.

    Also, I would prefer that videos be embedded. If you don't know how to do that, I would be happy to embed the video for you.

    Update: I read every post, but my limit is five minutes on a video. If it's 5:01, I'm not watching it. If Kim Kardashian posts a video declaring her love for me, she'd better do it in under five minutes. So, if somebody watches a longer video and notices inappropriate content, please let me know.


    1) Hit "Reply to thread" or "Start new thread" here at CDC

    1) Open Youtube in another browser window

    2) Find the video you want to embed

    3) Left click on the URL at the top of the page

    4) Right click, Copy

    5) In the second row of icons in your reply, click on the fourth one from the right ("Insert Video")

    6) A dialog box will open up. Right click, Paste, OK.
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    no worries I barely have time to load and edit a few photos and post them , I wont be doing any videos any time soon .
    but nice post for sure to keep us all in tune with what is acceptable
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