Well I wanted to take another shot at catching some fish before 2018 came to a close so me and my buddy headed out on Gibson yesterday. Neither of us had fished in 20+ degree wind chills in years, probably 20 or more but we layered up and got it done. We decided to fish the dock first for about an hour before we took the boat out, I wanted to make sure the batteries were good and charged up since I had forgot to plug them in from the last time I was down there. So finally we headed out just got to the mouth of the cove and would you know it started sleeting and the wind really picked up, you know the kind that feels like a knife cutting through your clothes, with my hands freezing every time I tried to make a turn from steering wheel we both decided to get turned around and head back to the dock. After we got back we spent the next couple of hours hitting all of the baited up brush pile that we knew of up and down the docks. Well here is where I would like to give you our report of how many nice crappie we caught along with what we caught'em on and how deep they were but the truth is except for one 10" bass we got skunked! At least the bass was on my rod so I took great pride in ribbing my buddy that I got to catch the last fish of 2018. Although this may not sound like it but it was defiantly a great trip, with some great memories made with a great friend and a wonderful way to put a cap on our 2018.