The H. B. Parsons Fish Hatchery at Lake Hefner, off of 108th and Meridian Ave. has had their access road condemned and closed for 4 months now because the culvert has washed out. Apparently, the City says they don't have the money. This is normal. The hatchery has fishing clinics for the kids there and other functions too. The fisheries staff and the oil company must access the property. Occasionally a large oil truck or service trucks must get in. The current access is thru the water department gate over a narrow bridge, just wide enough for a pickup. This is not right. Your City councilman needs to be contacted and ask them why has this not been fixed. The hatchery needs the Meridian entrance fixed before Spring when they receive their fish to grow out for walleye, hybrids and channel cat stocking in the city lakes.

Please call your councilman and ask why this hasn't been addressed.