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We have a winner! House on the left was the one I grew up in, pic was taken in 61. House on the right was torn down to Build the CBBT. There are condos where the old house is now. My buddy dumped a bunch of stunted crappie from Bayville Park in there about 50 years ago, there weren't any when we were kids. They took off and are still being caught. I've seen 10 lb bass come out of there, caught a lot up to 7 lbs. when I was a kid. The lake has really filled in, deep spots now are less than 6' used to be 12'. I'm afraid it's going to go the way of Chubb lake where a cold winter could kill everything off.
Pretty cool, Boscoe. I was in Chubb a couple of years ago, and it is really shallow. Only a couple of feet.

My dad used to take us up in Bayville around that time, on the N side of Shore drive, and we would fish for white perch with cane poles, from the bank. Houses everywhere we used to fish, all those years ago.

Thanks for the blast from the past.