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Thread: Military veterinarian question

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    Default Military veterinarian question

    A niece wants to be a veterinarian.
    Anyone on here do this job, or similar in the military? I'm curious as to how the training/schooling would help her, as opposed to the civilian schooling.
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    PM Armyman. He was a vet an went in army. He can probably answer a lot of your questions.
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    I know the Army has a Veterinarian Corps. They treat this very much like their medical programs. These medical programs are often reserved for commissioned officers.

    Understand that, to become a commissioned officer, they must have a degree (yes, there are a few other ways, but, for a youth, degree is the easiest).
    IF, one already went to school and is an actual veterinarian, then, after completing the officer candidate school, they would then become a Vet. Obviously no schooling required. One could also qualify for the load repayment program.

    If however they simply have their undergraduate degree, they could join the Vet corps (if they qualify) and work in that field while achieving their D.V.M. or V.M.D.

    Basically put, if we are specifically talking about a high school senior that is looking at their options and wants to become a Vet, joining the military would HELP financially in terms of college education (earning an undergrad degree), before getting accepted to the Vet Corps and going to school for your D.V.M. or V.M.D. Quite a process I would surmise.

    Please understand that I am in no way affiliated with Army recruiting. I am invovled with Marine Corps recruiting as I work for them as a civilian so I understand some of the processes. I did some basic research while trying to put some of this information together for you.

    One joke that several of my friends say: You know what they call someone that fails out of Vet school? A regular Doctor! In other words, it is a ton harder to be a vet than to be a regular doctor.
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    For lots of info google "Army Veterinary Corps". The Army is the only military service with a veterinary corps so Army veterinarians also support Navy, Marine, and Air Force operations.
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