Here is a reminder of some rules that were developed by me specifically due to activity in OT forums. Many have seen this before, but I thought I'd re-post it here as a reminder. Sorry if they seem a little harsh, but I wrote this at a time when things here were a little crazy.

Board Rules Of Conduct

Board Rules, No personal attacks and nothing a kid can't view will be tolerated. is my website - members only - not a public forum for anyone that wants to come in spouting their strong right or left wing political, sexual or religious views. It has nothing to do with censorship or freedom of speech so don’t try playing that card. These are my rules, I want, no, I insist on being a FAMILY orientated “Teach a Child to fish” web site that any age fisherperson can visit. There are other web sites for people that want to spout their particular political, religious or sexual views.

If anyone breaks these rules, they will be banned simply at my discretion.

So the point is, have fun, but keep it a family site.

Plain and simple: No personal attacks will be tolerated, and nothing that a child can not view will be tolerated.

Here I repeated the original Rules and regs for the OT board. I've now included the intent to Ban those causing issues.

"In an effort to ensure that “friendliness prevails over everything else” on the OT message board, no personal attacks or even negative connotations towards others will be tolerated whatsoever. This is not a threat, this simply will be the new guidelines used by our moderators and myself. So, in other words, do not be surprised if your post is edited or deleted. It may even happen by accident. Do not be offended. We’re just trying to preserve the intention and spirit of the site.

So, with that in mind, your posts may be edited or deleted at the drop of a hat, if you post anything that even mildly smells like, or barely resembles a personal attack or negative connotation towards another. We will not debate what we’ve done, although we may or may not provide an explanation. Thanks all, you’re a great bunch and I hate for differing opinions to create enemies.