Since I have met all 4 candidates, I thought I would give you my opinion/impression of them. Take it for what it's worth, add $1.50, and get yourself a cup of coffee.

Beth Harwell - She is Haslam 2.0 (Not a true Conservative) and is on record in favor of legalizing "medical" marijuana (This is really an end run to eventually get to legalized recreational use).

Diane Black - She is a pure politician. She will look out for her interests first, then those of the citizens.

Randy Boyd - He spent nearly the entire time talking about how "No other candidate could outspend him in this race." He has already spent $15 million and the general is still ahead.

Bill Lee - I have spent the most time with him and find him to be very approachable, down-to-earth, with a genuine desire to help the people of Tennessee. He also talks openly about his Christian Faith and Conservative values.

There you go....