Looking forward to seeing everyone again. The live well check and weigh in will be at the River rd wildlife access.

420 wildlife access rd,
Richfield NC 28137

. All healthy fish will need to be released. Please bring ice, additional air bubbler to put in live well to help aid in release.

We’ve added two things to the non live sonar division

1. No live sonar allowed prefishing 2 weeks (14 days) on the lake of upcoming tournament in your boat or other anglers boat your fishing with if you are going to fish the non live sonar division period!!

2. On tournament day You may leave transducers/ black box on boat but no live sonar head unit allowed on boat.

This non live sonar was originally intended for boats who do not have Live sonar at all on their boat. We do understand it takes a while to learn and feel comfortable enough to enter the live sonar division thus some changes made.

Livewell checks from 5:30-6:00 am
Fishing times 6:30-12:00
Be in weigh line by 1:00
7 fish alive (All live fished released)
$80.00 live sonar division
$60.00 non live sonar division

We are excited to see everyone!!!!

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