hwy dept said there was over 3000 lbs of fish washed up on i 40 and died during the hurricane. about greenfield lake,, runoff from yards, roads and sewage is why you cant eat fish from there. also it has quite a few gators in it. its off 3rd street, right where carolina beach rd begins. you can kyak on sutton lake ok, and it has fish if you can find them. the black river just out of atkinson is a beautiful place to be on. it didnt get as much damage as the ne cape fear, it is listed as the cleanest river in nc. i have caught some good crappie out of it. just come down 421 south to hwy 53 and take right. about 12 or 14 miles. cross the bridge, take 1st left and look for ramp sign on the left bout a mile from 53. fish upriver, out of the current as much as possible. big old cyprees trees . lots of laydowns, go early if possible.