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    Up in NY for a few weeks helping my 88 year old Mom recover from hip-replacement. Wife is doing most of the work/help. Before it turned so bitter cold and SNOWING I hit two ponds that I fish alot later in the summer. One was 90% ice free but no bites, the other was all open but the wind was blowing so hard I only lasted 10 mins. Going to hit the trout steams opening week and then back to Florida til June. So disappointed in the weather as I had some new jigs and an order of wax worms that I thought I could use all up before we went home. Low 90's when we left FL... we had a low of 13 last night. Not used to this. LOL!

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    I feel your pain. Perfect conditions here through the week. Most weekends I have off are wither raining or not fit to fish. Maybe the adverse conditions will make me a better fisherman
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