Got my 15 hp evinrude out of the shop and went back to Odessa to fish Little lake. My carb after 32 years was junk so the shop bought a used one for $250 and rebuilt it, total was over $600. Wife/I talked it over, paid the bill. At first I was going to tell the shop to just keep it, cause I only paid $450 years ago. She reminded me how good it ran, started easy and how I have enjoyed plus my cost of living is still in the dark ages. Things cost more these days she said. Any way, enough venting. Motor started right up but 40 minites of cold blooded, having to keep it running with choke out, then halfway etc etc and stalling before it smoothed out and the rest of morning started with 1 pull and ran just fantastic like the olde days. Fish finder working great, lots of crappie from 10 to 15 feet of water. The deeper it was the higher up they were. Could not get a 9 incher though. Plenty of keeper gils. wax worms on glow in the dark jigs either drop shotting or with a float. Just a nice day.