My 10 year old son's life goal is to kill a turkey in every state. So we go on a turkey vacation every year. It ends up being a vacation for the entire family after we have killed a bird or 2. So far he has knocked off Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Indiana.

This year we have picked Nebraska. Upon my research I am reading about dwindling turkey populations and a super charged hunting pressure. I was wondering if there are any guys on here that could offer some advice on some areas that would not be as pressured and have a few birds on it. Public land is fine. I could pay a little money if on private land as well. I do not think I want to go through a guide service really because for one I am far from rich but also had a pretty bad experience on the one and only time I used one and that was in Texas.

My Family that would be coming on the trip would be my Wife, 10yr old boy, 6 year old daughter, 2 year old boy, myself, and plus one friend. We love to turkey hunt but I would say are not greedy. The main goal is the 10 year old getting one and only then if possible get one for myself and one for my buddy and we would call that a trip and start sight seeing the surrounding areas and taking advantage of the tourist attractions. So any info on those would be greatly appreciated as well.

Thankyou guys so much for your time!