Didn't work out too well. Didn't get anything, not even a nibble. Looked like juvenile bass were in the shallow water today, no signs on gills or crappie yet. Water was, eh, not cold, but not cool either. The tough part was stepping on all that dead vegetation and feeling myself sink farther than I was had anticipated. Thankfully not enough for me to lose my balance and find myself soaking wet and cold. haha. I had the long 16' pole with me and vertically jigged around sunken timber that I could see with the polarized glasses. Was out at Walnut Creek on the east side of the lake just south of the jetties (I had tried a few days earlier on the jetties with no luck). I like the area over there, very flat, no sharp drop offs, shallow, good area for fish to sit and warm up on those bright sunny days. I headed to the south side next and later over by the island. Still nothing. Just a bunch of small bass that would much rather chase down the jig rather than go after it while vertically jigging it.

Forecast is suppose to rainy, I know. But that won't hold me back from going to Cunningham or Wehrspann on Saturday and Sunday.