I got out this morning and got the foam cut and installed. There is a ridge inside the bench that I evidently didn't pay any attention to, so I was only able to get two sheets of the 2" foam in so each seat has 4"x 48"x 10" so I'm hoping this is enough. Not sure what the formula is for figuring it out but should float the boat and motor. Couldn't put no more in from the ridge up as this put the foam even with the bottom of the seat. But even still, I feel better that there is some foam there. Haven't got any pic's of it yet as I had to come n to feed the pups, and need to see if I can get this dang floor finished.
I have company coming this week-end, Oldest grand daughter hand her boyfriend are coming in from over Tulsa way for the week-end. Unfortunately I have the guest room piled up with building materials that I was using for the floor. So it's get the floor finished and clean that room up for them, then back on the boat. Seeing's how Ripnlips gave me the fish finder and I put together the trolling motor and bracket, Momma decided she would get me a couple of padded seats for the boat for Christmas, but she wont get them till then. Believe me I tried to talk her into giving them to me early. Still need to mount the trolling motor. Haven't quite figured that one out yet. May end up removing the deck in front from on top to a bit below the top so not only does the bracket clear the rail, but the foot pedal can be worked easily. Still compilating on how I'm going to do this...Any thoughts/ suggestions???