Forum Posting Rules and Etiquette

by Slab

Published on 09-05-2003 05:46 AM is members only web site – not a public forum for anyone that wants to come in spouting their strong right or left wing political, sexual or religious views. It has nothing to do with censorship or freedom of speech, these are simply our agreed to rules of engagement. So please do not post or participate in political, sexual or religious comments that can in any way incite debate. Prayers sent to those in need ARE allowed, and encouraged.

Do not post anything that is not child friendly. In other words, do not post anything rude, unfriendly, angered, inappropriate, disturbing, disrespectful, pornographic, sexual, slanderous, racial, or vulgar. Tongue in cheek razzing is OK only if it is obvious, and you know for fact the recipient will not take offense.

In an effort to ensure that “friendliness prevails over everything else” no personal attacks or even negative connotations towards others will be tolerated. Do not negatively agitate or provoke other members. Do not be surprised if your post is edited, moved, deleted or locked (by any Moderator, Super Moderator or Administrator). It may even happen by accident. Do not be offended. We’re just trying to preserve the intention and spirit of the site. We will not debate what we’ve done, although we may or may not provide an explanation. I hate for differing opinions to create enemies.

Replies, criticism or comments about any rule enforcement actions should be done via PM (Private Message) to site Moderators or Administrators (you can always PM me, Slab, about anything). If you have a complaint, comment or criticism about one of the Moderators or Super Mods, do not post on the forum, PM me, Slab, site owner/administrator. Posting about someone that is banned is also not allowed unless it's an administrator explaining what had happened. It's just not right to post about or taunt an ex-member particularly since he can not respond. And please do not post for someone's return. If you have concerns, PM me about it.

Do not post any potentially slanderous or attacking comments about any Public or Private Companies, Organizations, Corporations or Individuals. No Bashing!

Do not plagiarize the work of others in the way of articles, stories, contests or pictures. You may quote a small portion/excerpt of an article, but you have to provide appropriate credit for such. Absolutely do not post copyright-infringing material.

If a forum post is against rules, you should not reply, quote it or discuss it inside the forum. Instead you should click “report this post” link and notify forum moderators to take over.

Filtered words are replaced by asterisks (*****). This means it is in our filter list and you should not use that word in the forum. Do not attempt to bypass the filter list by writing the word in a different syntax or form.

If you don’t like a member in the forum, you should put him in your “ignore list” (look in your settings, upper right corner) and you will no longer hear from them again.

Please remember, its rude to high jack or take somebody's thread off their topic.......if you want to talk about another subject, you should start your own thread.

Do not advertise in your posts. This is a fine line and difficult to administer. You can mention a cool new product, or an ebay listing, or your wifes new embroidery business, but please do not turn it into an advertisement. Also, if you’re brand new to the site even that might be considered advertising.

Advertising Note: If you are a "Member Sponsor", you are allowed to post advertisements and specials in the “Member Sponsor Classified Ads” forum. And you are allowed to advertise and include A URL in your signature. Additionally, your member name should not be an advertisement (this is a fine line, but will be managed individually).

All signatures should not be larger than 125 pixels tall and 640 pixels wide (picture and/or text). Use the rule of thumb of approximately the size of a Business Card.

Spamming is not allowed. No links to other Fishing Message Boards, or competitors are allowed, even if you are an advertiser. is not a launch pad for your website, blog or Facebook Group.

If you sell/make jigs (or other product), even if you are a "Member Sponsor", to distinguish between advertising and posting about your jigs (or other product), please do not include pricing in your posts. You may include pricing in your post on the “Personal Classified Ads” forum, and if you're a "Member Sponsor", on the “Member Sponsor Classified Ads” forum.

If you have a business you can not post your business’s products in the “Personal Classified Ads board”. You must become a "Member Sponsor" and post on the “Member Sponsor Classified Ads” forum.

If you buy or sell anything from another member on the forum, you do so at your own risk. holds no responsibility in these dealings. Please, no gun sales, too much of a potential headache.

Do not post the same thing on multiple message boards. This looks like you are spamming the board.

Do not post personal information like addresses, maps, last names, phone numbers or email addresses. This is for your own protection. If you do post your information (not recommended), it is at your own risk. Obviously if you are a business, and/or a "Member Sponsor", you probably want your contact information to be known.

You may only have one User name on If you are banned from you are not allowed to come back using a different user name.

All these rules apply to public posts, Avatars, Signatures and also to PM’s (Private Messages). No spamming/soliciting is allowed via PM. If you receive a PM that breaks these rules do not hesitate to forward it to me Slab, the site administrator.

What happens if you do not follow rules? Well, it will be up to our discretion. Your post may simply be removed or edited, or you may be banned temporarily, or you may be banned permanently. It all depends on the type of infraction, how long you’ve been a member, and how many previous infractions you’ve had. But feel free to post, we are not dictators, and will give you every chance to make good.

The best thing to remember is that we want to have a nice friendly, family orientated web site, and if you keep that in mind, you will not have any problems here on Please go fishing, and when you can’t, come visit America’s Crappie Community here at Crappie fishermen and women, are the best.