I got in a couple hours casting with 1/48 and 1/64 oz head on true 4# test line on Thursday. Not so much as a sniff from a crappie, but I did catch a couple of small sunnies and I landed three pike with the biggest maybe 3 pounds (all hammer handles) with one additional cutoff on on the tiny offerings. All went back of course. I am no longer surprised when larger game fish pick up the little jigs; kind of exciting on the lighter tackle.
The Minneapolis Park Board has closed either a single lane as with bde maka ska or the whole parkway as at Nokomis and most of it around Harriet and half of the River Road to enable joggers and hikers more space for social distancing. Nice for them, driving around is a bit more of a hassle however. Most of the remaining sections are one way. Lots of other major road work as well.