We fished our August 18th tourney at Woods Reservoir in the day time. When the schedule was made, it was feared this date would be super hot, but we got lucky once again and found a cooler than normal day for fishing. It came a pretty good rain a couple hours or so into this tourney and it was a pretty good soaker but it did not last for very long so it did not turn the fish off from biting for some..

Robert Baker & Larry Britton won their first Woods Res regular season tourney this day so congrats to them for getting that monkey off the back. They bested the field with 7 fish weighing 7.26 pounds.

Taking 2nd was Terry Spray with Trent Spray who is undoubtedly pretty good luck as it seems like ever time we see him, there is a photo at the end of the day to remember him by. LOL We may have it all wrong. Maybe when Tylers out, Terry fishes extra hard to cover for him....LOL Either way, its just something fun to talk about. All 3 of em are getting to be pretty feared and we already all know how that white and red Triton can catch fish.

Taking 3rd place Saturday was Toby Ivey & Matt Nash with 7 fish at 6.33 pounds. We worked really hard to catch what fish we caught. Just needed more with bigger shoulders.

Kenneth Locke fishing with Dave Odell found some fish Saturday but they found the one we all were looking for. It was big fish of the day and it weighed in at 1.58 pounds. Mr. Goody was Kenneths long time fishing partner as well as Tom & Jerry but Kenneth was the one who went home with BF this day.