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Thread: VBottom - Outside the Crappie Box

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    Default VBottom - Outside the Crappie Box

    Sunday, VBottom was out of the Crappie box.

    What does that mean you ask? Well, all the Crappie he and Spartan Nation had been catching, he needed some SPICE in his life, Who better to offer spice than a GINGER. Everything is an adventure.

    Jeff & Jerry, had been asking me to keep my ear to the ground for the Salmon going through Muskegon. Being Boat-less right now, it was hard to get a good read on what days, times, etc.

    Got a call Saturday, and Jeff said pretty much *Letís do it*, Everyone was on board, and we were set for about a 7am arrival time @ Muskegon.

    Reports, all said the same thing *Should have been here Friday* even though Sunday looked *ok*.

    Jeff arrived, and he was one person short........
    Jerry called off last minute, said something about he has *Customer Issues* That set off the humor for the day, and quality advice that was text to Jerry, like *if she is your about your age donít steal her stuff, be polite, and try and impress her* Cuz We need to find Jerry a woman. That the new slogan for 2021 *Find Jerry a Woman*

    Anyway, we loaded the 2 Salmon rods, my 1 Walleye Rod, net & a about 7 pounds of Salmon Jigs into the boat and were on our way.

    Initially it looked promising, Jeff didnít have Spot lock, so we drifted the channel, like you drift the Detroit River. Was pretty effective, and allowed us to drop from 3oz Jigs, to the 1oz, and some times the 3/4oz, which wonít happen with Spot Lock.

    Like all Salmon Jigging, every thig is calm, until you hook into one. As we are drifting along talking, I was using my custom Walleye rod *Berkley was a NO SHOW, probably afraid to get it broken on such a apex species*

    The rod tip went down, however, it didnít really bend over like a Salmon usually does. I yelled to Jeff, *Hey come take this* he saw it and said *No I didnít hook it* what then ensued was what seemed like a 3 minute argument over who takes the rod, when in reality it was more like maybe 7 seconds. at that point, the rod BENT OVER, drag took off, and it was game on.

    Jeff was all excited, he was up on the net like any professional NetMan, and that Salmon made him wait in anticipation. We did not know what it was yet, and saw a side, and at first I thought it was a Catfish, looking for Sparty. After a few more minutes, and working it a bit closer, we saw that it was a nice King Salmon. As I fought it from one side of the boat to the other, which was funny, as we never made a complete circle around the boat, but dang near, went from one side to the other, then back. Jeff up on the net still telling himself one thing in his mind, that I canít repeat lest I get edited by slab. But be sure, when he told me what he was telling himself, I busted up laughing.

    After a few close calls, of getting it to the side of the boat, it was finally tired enough, and we were able to get it in the net. We had the Muskegon Unicorn.
    No other boat had a fish that we knew of, and no one asking as they went bay had anything either.

    Had to love being the underdog, Jeff, New boat, small boat, compared to some others out there, had the only King Salmon. They all were looking at US, Captain Jeff smiling on the inside, as large as the HUGE 30-foot Cabin cruisers going by occasionally.

    Anyway, afterwards, I ended up with a nice solid hit, but no hook up, and Jeff had 2 hits, no hook ups. We went 1/4 on the day. We were going to clean it there @ Muskegon, but we did not have any zip lock bags, Jeff said *I wasnít prepared for actually getting one* I laughed.

    It was not the best of days Jigging, especially knowing what it was like years ago, with a solid Salmon run that lasted weeks, not days, but there is a big difference between ZERO, & ONE. So it wasnít a bad day either. It was harder than anticipated as I have way points on my graph for Muskegon, and of course we didnít have those available to us for use. After a second attempt/Drift, and the graph looking like the driven snow, of pure white and no marks, we called it a day, and headed home. We drive back to my place, got it filletíd, and I cut myself a small section of fresh tail, and sent the rest home w/ Jeff. He said *Are you sure?*, I was, last time I went out before my boat fiasco, I went 3/3 and have plenty to last me awhile as one was HUGE.

    Sparty told me that the better Ĺ of VBottom, LOVES Salmon, so I unknowing did a good thing, and hopefully scored Jeff some extra Fishing points w/ the Mrs.


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    That's a good looking fish
    :I would like to thank the builders of docks for giving me a place to fish and lose tackle

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    Good report. Sounds like lots of laughs and fun was had. Good catch.
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    Well, OE may think it wasn't the best of days jigging but I had a lot of fun and laughs learning/fishing a new method for a different species. As far as the net job goes, I didn't want to mess up landing a fish of quality. I just kept thinking "don't fudge this up"....well, it worked out and a new species was offered a ride in the boat.
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    Great day all around thanks for sharing!

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    I hated backing out on you guys but when my Monday job tells me they screwed up when they ordered parts I needed to start their job, I needed to take care of it. Next time for sure. Sounds like you had a great day.

    I'll bet that fresh salmon tasted good after eating crappie all summer.
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