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    Was in the new truck Sunday, and Skillet calls me, says he is headed home from hunting bunnies, and bored.

    Well, I took the call from inside the truck, and Jen took over the call immediately.

    Jen: You get any?
    Skillet: Yeah, We got X (I forget how many he said
    Jen: Bring us some, those are YUMMY, Aaron has a great recipe for them.
    Skillet: For real?
    Jen: Yeah
    Skillet: Laughing OK

    He then came over after a bit, and dropped off 2 bunnies.
    Jen saw him, and was all excited, *Put them in the fridge right there in the garage*

    Skillet & I then sat in the boat, and looked for antenna mounting positions.

    Fast forward to last night.

    Its a simple concoction, most people tend to make cooking like fishing, complicated. I like my cooking simple, and easy.
    This is so easy, that I have never forgotten it, and had not made in in over 20 years, because I gave up Rabbit hunting for (Drum Roll...........) My kids activities (Mostly Wrestling and Water Polo)

    So Last night, I grabbed the needed supplies.

    22oz Can of Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup.
    1 Can of Green Beans, w or w/o Mushrooms
    1 Can of Muchrooms (Well, cuz I like Mushrooms.
    2 Packs of extra thick bacon
    1/2 Cup sour Cream
    2-3# Of bunny
    Mashed or Scalloped Potato's.

    Take said Bunny, and cut off all meat, clean of sinew, kind of like a deer only smaller.
    cut into small bite size portions, wash and then DRY the bunny in paper towel.

    Cook the bacon to crispy well done, but not burnt. Set aside on paper towel to soak extra grease and when cool enough crumble.

    Next cook the bunny in the bacon grease, until all sides are cooked, drain the grease/extracted moisture combo.
    Add 1/3 cup water, and continue to cook said bunny adding Paprika, and pepper to your liking.

    When the water is gone, add 1/2 cup Sour Cream, 22oz of Cream of Chicken soup, Continue to mix the contents. Add Green Beans/Mushrooms (Any combo you prefer actually)
    and continue to mix.

    Turn off heat, and remove from hot burner.

    Cover with mashed or scalloped potato's, sprinkle crumbled bacon over the top, and add some shredded cheese.

    Place in the oven @ 375 for 40 Minutes remove and EAT.

    Can use a deep dish pan, but in the photo I used a Stainless Steel Pan we have that can also go in the oven.

    I know my kids do not like Mushrooms, so put the beans and Mushrooms on one side only.

    Well it was good, Olivia my youngest ate it, and we waited, she had some seconds, and we waited, about 40 minutes alter we told her it was Rabbit.
    She was surprised, but more surprising was that she liked it. Avalon liked it as well.

    Enough so that BOTH took some to school for lunch, had to text the wife to HIDE the rest for ME.

    Have to thank Skillet for his generosity, and giving us some rabbit, it was an awesome meal for the entire family.

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    Sorry about the spillage on the stove corner, some one was taste testing it, and spilled. Damn Kids.

    I did not get any after photos, wish I had, but none the less, it was AWESOME.

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    Nice. Dang, I'm hungry now. Here bunny, bunny....
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