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Thread: Morrison Lake report 5-19-2019

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    Default Morrison Lake report 5-19-2019

    Ava had been asking me to take her fishing for quite a while now so her dad and I took her last Sunday, coincidentally her birthday.
    We had just gotten lines in the water when Rich called telling me of a hotspot to go fishing if I were looking to get out....but we had limited time as Steve Jr. needed to be off the water by 10:00 am to get things grilling for Ava's birthday party at 2:00.
    Rich had told me the crappie were only hitting on minnows, and where to look for we took his advice.
    We went up into 6-8 feet of water and could see the fish, so we set up the rigs with minnows and slip bobbers. These crappie must not have gotten the bulletin to bite on minnows because we got nothing until Jr. switched over to soft plastics, then he started getting bites so I also switched over my rod/reel and Ava's.
    Water was 60-62 degrees, depth was 6-8 feet and water clarity was clear. Used 1/16th ounce jigs, JT's jewel case plastic and a slip bobber about 18 inches above the jig.

    Hope you enjoy watching Ava reel them in......and remember to take a kid fishing when ever you can!
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    looks like she had a good time!
    love it when I can take the littles fishing and they have a good time.
    good job grandpa
    fillet em n fry em
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    Way to go Gramps!

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