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Thread: Jaw Jackin Jeff's Overall Nonsense Thread 2019

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    Quote Originally Posted by wicklundrh View Post
    I have a set of Cannon riggers that would look perfect on that rail! just saying. Build a 45 degree raiser plate that the rigger mounts in to and you won't need a swivel. Run you rear riggers at a 45 from the boat, or a 90 degree angle.
    Speaking of rear angle, of you run them at 90 degree angle from the gunnel, or transom, you ever have a issue of how the cable wound back onto the reel?

    Go to thinking about that, when I found that i could reel my hand cranks in easier @ a45 Angle, vs 90.

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    I never had an issue but I had swivel pullies on the end of my riggers so it made a huge difference. I could see having issues otherwise. I also had secondary pullies half way up the boom as well. All of my side riggers were 48 inch extension booms (on that boat) and my rear facing riggers were 24 inch booms that just cleared the swim deck. The two rear riggers were mounted in from the corners probably 18 inches. The side riggers were mounted up the gunnel from the corner about 18 inches.

    In my second boat, it had a 9 foot beam so all the riggers were evenly spaced acrossed the back. My two corner riggers I would swivel out at 45 degree angles. Those also had 48 inch fixed booms. My middle riggers I would usually angel slighly (22.5 degrees). I can't remember why I did that but there was a reason behind it. The reason for running the corners at 45 degrees vice 90 was that, when in a turn, the boom at 90 would have a tendancy to dance close to the shorter riggers out the back. With them at a 45, they cleared the other cannon balls and you didn't have to worry about tangles. That setup allowed me to run 18 rods at one time. In the other boat, because of the setup and how the riggers had to be mounted, the most rods I could run was 10 or 12 if memory serves me.

    If doing it again however, I would only run (2) riggers in that boat. I would mount the rear riggers (48 inch booms) 18 inches in from the corner and I would swivel them out to 22.5 degrees. Each rigger would have a triple rod holder on it. Two for running stackers and the last one as a side rod holder for running a diver or other. The remainder of the room would be setup to facilitate running copper and lead. During the summer months, the majority of our fish came from lead core or copper. Once August hit, because of the depth of the fish, riggers were quicker and faster and the fish came in waves. You could manuver much quicker and riggers were the way to go.
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