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Thread: Twin lake suggestions

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    Default Twin lake suggestions

    I posted this in general thread but was directed here

    Every year my family visits twin lake michigan (near muskegon) for a week. We fish the small 177 acre lake looking for pan fish and crappie. The lake is 19ft at its deepest. Typically we find 5-10 ft of water. Lots of weeds not much in the way of structure and or ledges. Its generally pretty hot 85-95 degrees mid day. My best success so far is trolling with beetle spins, jigs with different bodies and #7 shad wraps (repala). I can generally get 3-4 a morning and about the same in the evening. Mornings is just me. Evenings is 4-8 of us i have been reading about the vertical method as well as using floats.

    Do you think this will work on this type of lake? Any other suggestions? We have lots of kids 7-17 and would like to find an easier method to catch fish with them. (Im happy to try anything when they arent with us.)

    Not an expert and likely to mess up whatever method you suggest. I have been watching/reading your methods but detail would be helpful!!
    Thanks in advance.

    Ps I have ordered the sauce!!

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    The location of Blue Lake arts academy. Not far from Whitehall and Montague.

    I have not personally fished it nor has any of my relatives that live and grew up in the area. That said, I took a look at the map of the lake in tge hopes I might be able to help.

    I doubt very highly that all the fish in the lake hang out in the 19 foot hole. That said, I would look for weeds close to this location to start fishing. Another good bet is to find lilly pads and fish the edges.

    When fishing live bait and floats, for me I use a gold hook, a live minnow hooked through the lips, and NO sinker. This allows the minnow to move and react. I use weighted thill bobbers to aid with casting next to lilly pads and weeds.

    Another favorite tactic is to use 1/16 oz jig heads with 2 inch "big bite" shad in gray and black. Cast towards the cover and twitch or jig retrieve.

    Drop shot vertical fishing in the weeds is another tactic worth looking in to. Google drop shot setups for crappie.

    Lastly, if the weeds are not thick, pick open areas and insert live bait either on a drop shot rig, or a weighted jig under a float.

    There are probably tons of fish in this lake. You just have to find the right area and the right tactic to target them.

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