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Thread: MotorGuide Wireless W75

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    Default MotorGuide Wireless W75

    I was wondering if anyone had any experience with the wireless Motorguides? Specifically the foot control (I believe) I recently got one from a friend of mine and so I know itís a good motor that was well taken care of but it sat for a couple of years because he had upgraded. I wired it into my boat, I bought 2 brand new marine batteries and wired up for the 24v motor, put a new battery in the foot control and I canít get it to do anything. The battery status on the motor itself says it has a good connection but Iím thinking itís the connection with the foot control communicating with the unit itself? I found the manual online and followed the pairing instructions but still nothing. I have 8ga wire ran from the batteries to the plug (with a 50w amp wired on the positive near the batteries) and the foot control mounted on the bow. What am I doing wrong?

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    From what I understand with what little I have fooled with them, the foot pedal is their week point. I just sold one for a friend to another friend. It was in rough shape from sitting out in weather for a couple of years. He dis assembled the foot pedal and cleaned ever contact really good and got it working. We were lucky because this one came with the remote and it worked fine. I’d try working on pedal but I’d also go inserch of a remote. Should find them both new and used. I’d start on eBay.
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