Bobby and his crew was my very first crappie charter seven years ago, a cold (and I mean cold) March trip we still talk about every year. We caught one fish that day (and froze). He books two trips a year since. These guys are all family and may be my favorite crew. We got a little recon from Capt Mike when we crossed paths at the ramp and we made the short run to the creek. We started all the way at the back and covered every square yard of the back of the creek. After two hours of nothing (and fear of another disappointing day) we picked up our first fish and it was big . Then another half hour or so with only a white perch to show. I decided to make our way to the long cove. With the tide going out we started picking up a fish here and there. We did that for the next three hours for twenty two crappie (twenty one more than yesterday) and a couple of more white perch. We only left the cove at the end to try another little cove on the way out. We picked up three more fish. Weather, perfect. I see them again next week. He will have a new crew member replacing his son and I have been warned of a VERY interesting day with the new crew member.

Capt Dave

Saturday I zeroed on crappie and was afraid it would be repeat on Sunday. I thought about it and decided to hit a smaller body of water that should be warmer. Well when I arrived it was not warmer, but the sun came out and soon we hit 62 degrees and the fish moved into shallows. Caught crappie till the minnows where all gone. Was a very nice day indeed.

Capt Mike