It was a cold, windy day but I had a plan to avoid both and land a big cat. I had at least 5 spots in my head but only three of them where fishable. The goal was to get a cat over 32 inches for a tourny one of my clients where in. We did get close with several 31 inches, but in the end all we succeeded in doing is filling a cooler. Not so bad for almost non fishable weather day.

Capt Mike

Windy Saturday, chilly and cold today. Kris and Shawn were getting blue cats off their species bucket list. It wasn't hot and heavy but, the fish did cooperate. The goal was to fill the cooler and that we did. After a while, I didn't have to do a whole lot, They baited hooks, unhooked and tossed fish in the cooler, even made a couple of casts. Notice in the pictures I taught them where the catfish's "handle" is and how to use their kung fu grip to hold them. Nice end to the 2019 season.

Capt Dave