It is always nice to have a crew that knows you and enjoys watching 10 dancing rod tips. They wanted to keep some and at about 8 fish they that was enough. But the hits just kept on coming. Some nice cats to big to keep where also caught.

Capt Mike

JIm and Matt are at least twice a year IHC vets for the last number of years. The goal is always to fill the cooler and that we did. We also got a few pretty big ones. 51 degrees, crisp and sunny, just gorgeous. No coat weather for Mr. Freeze. We chatted while we looked for fish waiting for the tide to flip. Marking lots of fish. When it turned, the rod tips started dancing. At about 3PM, the wind really kicked up. I radioed Capt Mike and asked him to ask the concierge to turn the wind off. I guess he didn't slip him enough because the wind got worse and against the tide. Funny (and great) thing was that we stayed exactly pinned on our spot with minimal swinging. We got a lot of really nice fish, The wind finally stopped and it was beautiful again. The sun was low and reflecting off the water and it only added to the view. Really good day to be on the water and good to get to use the net a few times.

Capt Dave