We started out with a brisk wind against an outgoing tide that resulting in nothing but sucking. Ah but, when the tide turned, we moved a bit and found some marks. One of the crew made a comment that he thought that this was the spot. He was right. We didn't get a monster but, we got 40-50 of these guys all afternoon.

It was a hip, young crew with whom it was fun to be on the river. It was refreshing to have conversations about fine bourbon and craft beer with younger guys that had already developed a taste and appreciation of such things.

Capt Dave

Overcast and cool was the weather. Wind was all over the place and then no wind..very odd weather wise. Water temps still 73 also. Figured the big ones would be shallow so I fished in 8 ft of water. Was almost right as 20 feet was the area of the big ones. Had some really nice hits and one even broke the line on the first run.

Capt Mike