A quick change of clients was needed for this Saturday. And I got the creme of the crop in clients. Jim and his son Shawn have fished with me before and they can fish. We needed those refined skills since we had an incoming tide the entire evening. We started out fishing edges with a modified Tokyo Rig and a horney toad. It looked great and we got no bites. Still not convinced it is waste of time. Dang it worked perfectly thru the grass and looked great. Will try it again. Then it was time for some long distance pop-R action. No love till we hit this one little short section and a genuine 5lb LGMouth ate. Next a small one ate. Moved yet again and no hits for about an hour. Fantastic casts where not blasted upon by fish. Moved about two miles and found some shade from the super nova sun. More great casts where answered by a couple more LGMouth. It was golden hour now and we moved fast and covered lots of water. Saw a commotion in the shallow water and put some horney toads over the area and a snakehead blasted the toad. Shawn got his first ever snakehead.

Capt Mike