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Thread: Email From Fishoo

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    Default Email From Fishoo

    I received this emal today from Fishoo:

    "Now we have a chance to do something for our waterways.

    The Water Resources and Development Act has passed the house and is now scheduled for the senate.

    To view the bill, go to and search for "Water Resources and Development Act" without the quotes or H.R.2864.

    You can find the contact info for your senators at

    Sample e-mail:

    "Subject: Pass WRDA now!

    Body: I support the passage of WRDA with the inclusion of the IRL plan and urge you to vote for it."

    Please e-mail your senator and let's start getting something done to restore our fishing resources.

    Thanks for being a friend of FishHoo!
    Will White
    [email protected]"
    FISH ON!
    Jerry Blake

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    Does this mean that Corp of Engineers could use funds to develop fish habitat?? As well as maintaining such items as ramps?

    I'm not smart enough to fully understand all this act is setting forth. Guess I need to be asking my senator.
    [email protected]
    North end of Lake Shelbyville

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