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Thread: Marine vinyl, deco dot vinyl, and carpet?

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    Default Marine vinyl, deco dot vinyl, and carpet?

    I am planning on redoing the carpet in my Tracker pro deep V17. I wanted to do the decks and sides that have lids and hatches with carpet because I don't know if the vinyl will form around the lids of the compartments and do the main floor in vinyl for easier wash out. What is the pros and cons of this vinyl boat floor? Which is best the marine vinyl or deco dot vinyl from Cabelas. Can the vinyl be formed around the lids so that I may use it over the whole boat. Any input would be appreciated, thanks!

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    I can't tell you anything about installation since I bought my Lund with vinyl instead of carpet which I had on my previous boat.

    I have liked the vinyl and no longer worry about schrunched minnows or corn chips on the floor for worm dirt while fishing for cats.

    With snow or sleet on the floor one has to be somewhat more careful and I haven't fallen out of the boat yet during those conditions on the water.

    My two long side compartments (one the rod locker) will not stay dry inside if traveling down the road while it is raining. The fellow at Lund that thinks there should be a cupholder with a drain hole in it to drain into the rod locker below needs booped upside his head for such a stupid idea. Bet Lund payes him big bucks for his stupid ideas. The three compartments up front on the deck don't have this problem as bad as the two side compartments.

    Anyhow overall I liked the vinyl and would get it again on my next boat. You can probably tell I would rather spend the time fishing out of the boat as apposed to cleaning it.
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