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Thread: Fishing in Yellowstone/Grand Tetons

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    Default Fishing in Yellowstone/Grand Tetons

    May take the family for two weeks next June. Might have some time to do some fishing but was just interested in messing around a little with a spinning reel. Fly fishing would be nice to learn but I've got enough fishing vices as it Any ideas or recommendations?

    I understand the park is all catch and release. Outside? Would be nice to catch a few and cook them while staying outside. We will be driving my truck from DFW and renting a trailer locally so we can move around a bit. Will be making Yellowstone reservations for next year soon as well.

    Also, any must see/to do things in the Grand Teton's


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    Yellowstone Spin Fishing Information
    By John W. Uhler

    Spin fishing is great in the early morning, towards evening to sunset and when the fish are hitting. There are basically three rivers that are designated for Fly Fishing Only. They are:

    1. Madison River
    2. Gibbon River - downstream from Gibbon Falls
    3. Firehole River

    This area is from the West Entrance to the Madison Junction (Madison River), north to Gibbon Falls (Lower Gibbon River - below the falls); and south from Madison Junction to below the Old Faithful area (Firehole River).

    You can fish these three rivers with a spinning rod, a fly and float. You DO NOT have to use fly fishing gear.

    All the rest of the park waters are open to spin fishing.

    Yellowstone National Park Fishing - The Total Yellowstone Fishing Page

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    Talking from experience, you need to monitor the snow fall this winter. Went in early June several years ago and the streams were solid MUD from the snow runoff. Consider that in your plans. We caught many fish in the Jackson Hole area and the Grand Teton area. Absolutely beautiful place and beautiful scenery and many elk and buffalo to see with glances at other big animals.??? Think about the snowfall runoff, it snowed on us at Old Faithful nearly 12 inches on June 4 that year.

    Ron, Mud-Dabber

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    It is a little hard to keep track of where you can and can't fish in yellowstone. If I can remember correctly no lead allowed... jigs or splitshot.
    Try to pick up some leadfree tackle. You can pick up a clear float for casting a fly with a regular spincast. Take a Gps along for sure ...makes it a little easier to keep track of where you are.
    When I was there I never made any reservations.. I just checked for cancellations at the campgrounds and had no problems so a cellphone is handy.
    The old building/hotel/restaurant at old faithfull is a is worth spending some time at.
    The elk herds,buffalo,ect.
    The Fishing Bridge... you can't fish there but you can watch the big trout hitting the top of the water.

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    Take up fly fishing it is great in rivers.

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