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Thread: Wisconsin Crappies

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    Default Wisconsin Crappies

    Hey all I'm new to the forum, and if you're wondering about my name its because of my last name. But anyways back on topic...

    I was wondering what info you guys have (if any) on central/northern Wisconsin crappie fishing right now? I know of a lake that holds some nice crappies but I'm not sure how good the fishing will be. They're talking of 70+ degrees tomorrow, and it has been very warm but we had kind of a late thaw up here. Last two weeks in March some lakes still had ice on them (enough to walk even drive on) and I've never really been 'into' crappie fishing until now.

    Sounds kinda cheesy but I've 'matured' more and now it's not just 'fishing' it's a specific sport for me, and I want to learn more/as much as I can about fishing certian kinds of fish.

    This lake I speak of is about 10acres and gets about 12ft deep. The water is stained, but on good day's you have good clarity. It's in northern/north central Wisconsin where many lakes had late ice on them still. Was just wondering if you guys think it's worth hitting tomorrow or not? If you want more information on the lake let me know and I'll tell you as much as I can. Thanks. and Have a good'n


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    I don't know anything about fishing for crappie in Wisconsin, but I can tell you the obvious. The only way you will know, unless you know someone else that fishes that lake, is to get out there and give it a shot. I learned quite a bit this spring about the migratory movements of the crappie from winter into spring by fishing the lake all winter and spring. Yes I get advice and tips from people, but it all comes together when you see it for yourself.

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    Well, I'm 1 million miles away and about 20degF warmer but close enough to let you in on a tip. There is nothing better than a big heat wave in late winter (or early spring) to turn on the fish. I never fished "ice out" crappie until two years ago. DO IT. Especially when talking about small waters. My local pond is about 4 acres up to 11 ft. I used to kill 'em there, but lately the best action is from 50% ice cover to about 45degF. Always look for that sudden warm blow!!! I use a slip bobber with a 1/16oz round jighead & black 2" Twister tail. It worked great here on about 3/22. The crappie seem to have turned off for the last 2 weeks but the weather pattern is highly unusual: 2 weeks of bulebird skies with a steady east wind & dropping temps, unheard of and yes, it has turned off the fishing drastically. Though today, four of us eeeked out 8 stripers to 28" in Raritan Bay NJ. As soon as the weather breaks warm again, the big crappie run and everything else will BREAK LOOSE!!! There is that period here now when they seem to loose interest in everything (spawning distractions in small waters & another warming delay in bigger waters) but soon will be the second boom! The BIG ONE! GOD I CAN'T WAIT!!!!! Anyway, GO WHILE IT'S GOOD!
    Sorry for my Crappie attitude.

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