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Thread: Ever been taken............?

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    Default Ever been taken............?

    OK, admittedly i almost fell out of my seat when i read this advertisement while vacationing in Orlando, FL last week. When i travel down south to Florida the "magazine monkey" in me buys all of the saltwater fishing magazines i can get my hands on. I ran across this ad in a Saltwater fishing magazine and just about had a heart attack! Not being able to verify or validate it until returning home today, i was very glad that it wasnt true.

    Here is the website for this outfit.

    Seriously, this was a two page spread in a Sport Fishing magazine and i didnt even think twice about it until googling it this morning, to see if something like this could even be true. Thankfully, it was not and it appears message boards like this have made a mockery of it.

    This was a total fabricated joke by the editors of this magazine, but i have to admit, (and i suspect some of you will do the same) that they had me hook line and sinker on this one. It is sad to say, but in this world we live in today and all of the money and marketing schemes that we see, it didnt suprise me at all to see that this was just another avenue for sport fishing and what people would really do to get a trophy. (honestly, the part that raised a brow with me was when they said that they had applied to the sport fishing records folks to obtain a new records category for fish caught using this method)

    I certainly hope that fishing never comes to something even close to what this joke tried to pull! Given the threads still circulating on Jimmy Houston and his "canned" deer hunting, i thought i would share this with the members of this forum. If you have seen it or it has already been here, i apologize. If the moderators want to move it, please do. I was initially troubled by it, but now think that it was hilarious that they got me to believe for a minute that something like this was even possible!



    Here crappie, crappie, crappie, crappie......:D :D :D

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    Someone put alot of work into a April fools prank
    "Those who will trade a little liberty for a little security will lose both and deserve neither" Thomas Jefferson

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    I just hope this dosent give anyone an idea!

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