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Thread: Spider rigging how to's

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    Default Spider rigging how to's

    Just about done setting my boat up to attempt this new to me style of fishing. My questions are 1. What bell sinker weight is the best ?
    2. Should I use 3 way swivels or just loop the line?
    3. Do I use a bobber or not?
    4. Last but most important is -- How many poles doe's the State of Tennessee allow ? Can I use double hooks with the same number of poles?

    I've read how to articles but they did'nt spell everything out!

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    taz go down to the tennessee forum and will probabley git more info on that state . there is a few on the chat from tennessee. they maye be there now . the onley way i can git into chat is at the bottom of the list of ststes . where it has a chat . that chat will open it . papasage
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    i'M NOT A PRO BUT THE WAY I DO IT IS THIS. 1) I us a 1/4 or 1/2 oz. sinker with the wire out of the top that tied to the end of my line. 2) i don't use 3 way swivels cause take to much time to tie on if you loose several rigs at once. ( bush piles or stumps) 3) no bobbers i tight line straight down and watch my tips. 4) never fish in tenn. but from what i read there is limits on number of poles and no. of hook/pole. also i tie my hooks on with loop on my line i use 6 pound test. with the long poles if you hook a bigun the rod will help with the shock.

    good luck and remember fish is much better than working; biting or not.
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    Taz: Reading from the TN 2005 Fish Regulations--

    "Pole Limit- There is no limit on the number of poles,
    with some exceptions (see pages 6-13)"

    "Dale Hollow- 3 pole limit per angler from boat and
    6 pole limit per angler from bank may be used."

    I can't find any regulations on the number of
    hooks per rod...except for:

    "Umbrella rig restriction- Umbrella rigs are defined
    as an array of more than 3 artificial lures or baits
    (with or without hooks) used by a single rod and reel
    combination. If the hook size is 6 or larger, then only
    one lure or bait may have a hook, and that hook must
    be a single hook." (not a treble)

    I hope this helps!!

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    Default Winning Crappie Secrets ... Slow Vertical Trolling

    The above titled book was very helpful to me. I don't recommend the double hook rig they use when you are learning. Use a 10 lb test line on the reel set it up like carolina rigging a worm and use a 6 lb leader. Use a 3/8 to 3/4 oz sinker depending on wind and / or water clarity. Floating bobbers is technically a different technique although some use a free moving bobber to detect strikes when tight line spider rigging. I personally have never used that.

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