Had a great day on the water yesterday. Anyone use these little soft baits. I fish them with a real ultralite rod, they call them Bingo Bug rods 4 foot for 2 to 4 lb. line. Rigged weedless with a #1 fine wire wide gap worm hook. These are the 3 in. power bait dropshot minnows, checked the Berkley site and they may only make them out of the new Gulp plastic now. Fished with no weight or bobber you can fish um real slow. Its almost like a neutral bouyancy bait. They were just hammering them. Got 6 or 7 fish on the same bait all 12 to 14 inches. Bent that little rod all the way to the butt. To muddy to get the boat out yet so were fishing from the bank and they were hitting at all depths it seemed. Had one bite just as the bait hit the water and he came bout halfway out, and some others just off the bottom. Don't ya hate it when that happens. Weather has been cold and rainny off and on for two weeks so I didn't expect much of a bite, must have hit the right window. Works for me.