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Thread: Chat Updated - only registered users can link to chat.

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    Default Chat Updated - only registered users can link to chat.

    Only registered users can link to the Chat now, and only from this page:
    "Wear your PFD" "No texting n driving" slab members are the best

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    Thanks for doing that. I know that will cut down on the number of disruptions in there. I have noticed a lot of new people using the chat room which is good.

    I try to stay out of there a bit more as I tend to type too much and fill up the chat buffer. LOL. So by staying out it lets others have some fun too.

    I do get in there from time to time to see what is going on with the chat room crowd. We do have a lot of fun in there and I am so glad that you added that feature to

    PS we need to get Jerry and Richard and Russ in there more often. LOL This winter I had a lot of good laughs with those guys in the chat room. I know that they are too busy fishing this time of year to make it in there all the time as this is the busy season of their business. I do miss them though. Looking forward to a good crappie fishing season right now.

    I am going to the lake today to take the boat off the trailer so that I can replace the 12ft long 2x4's that the boat rests on. I put new carpet on them yesterday and have my portable 18volt dewalt batteries on the charger right now. I plan on using a new portable 1/2" drive 18v dewalt drill to install these new boards out at the boat ramp parking lot. They don't have any electrical outlets there so I have to go with portable power tools from Dewalt. I am buidling up my collection over the last 4 years. I can't wait to see how well the new drill works. In the past when I did this job I could not get the drill bit that I needed it my 3/8" drive drill. I have to drill a pretty good sized hole for the bolts that mount the 2x4 onto the trailer.

    I sure hope that this new carpet make the boat come off the trailer easier.

    I put a new walkboard on the trailer also to help me lauch the boat easier.

    well I am off to get the stuff ready to go..


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