I had 18 keepers on Tims yesterday and 19 on Woods today. Caught all my fish on laydowns close to the bank. Caught 65 on Tims, but only 18 were big enough to keep. A guy I work with said him and another guy caught over 300 measuring fish this week on Woods. He said they caught theirs around grass. His fingers were eat up like mine are when I catch alot, so I know he caught alot. I would have liked to have seen the proof though. He said they caught them on just about any color. I only caught mine on a crystal shad bass assassin and a smoke grub. I watched about 15 other boats fishing for a while with other colors all fishing in and out of the same areas I caught my fish and only saw one fish caught between all of them put together. I pulled right up to a laydown that two boats had just left from and caught three nice fish. They were fishing jigs, but were using a different color. Fatboy if you read this, give me your report for Woods. What are you catching them on their, or what have you heard people catching them on and what location on woods. Caught mine in the slough to the left of the dam.