Was going to catch the first of the Super Bowl but the weather was so nice I went and asked who wanted to go fishing. My Youngest Son and Youngest Daughter both said lets go. Since something has my float in my carb on my boat motor stuck opened, we headed Childress way and went to Baylor Lake. WOW that lake is WAY down. Glad I didnt take my boat, couldnt have put it in anyway. Since the lake had gotten Golden Algie 2 years in a row and killed most of the fish, we decided to catfish, since I have heard that there are still several biting out there. We didnt get a bite so we headed to Childress Park Pond. Sat there and enjoyed watching the ducks and geese and I cought 2 approx. 12" channel cats and my Boy tried his hand at bass fishing and cought 3 small bass. The youngest Daughter didnt catch a thing. That is unusual since she usually beats everybody at fishing. We had a blast. Went to eat at Sonic afterwards and just enjoyed the day and then came home and watched the Giants beat the Patriots. That put a cherry on top of the Sunday hehe.