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Thread: Electric Anchor

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    Default Electric Anchor

    Well my back ain't gettin better & pulling the 18# anchors sure ain't helping, so I am starting to shop for Electric anchor that will take 18# anchors.. Any help on what U are using -good or bad will help this old coot. Thanks.. I do a lot of brush pile fishing for those crappies.
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    I would get a set of tools as all electric anchors give trouble. Do you have an autopilot trolling motor as timing you speed against wind and current can hold you in one place without spooking fish.

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    Do a search because this has been discussed before. I still have my Minnkota just because I want to prove to it that I have more will power than it does. I work on it about every other trip. When I hoist the anchor, it sounds terrible and loud. But, one huge advantage is when I have company. I have it mounted on the rear and I don't have to teach or coach any body how to handel an anchor. Almost forgot...I did some major re-engineering to the control assembly before I could use it. The switch that came with it was junk.
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    Default power winch and trac

    I have had both the Powerwinch 20 and the trac 40. I sold the powerwinch 20 with my last boat in the spring. It worked flawlessly and was not too loud. My friends have Minn Kotas that will pull 40 lb anchors and they seem to work great. Also, they are silent and do have a free fall. THe powerwinch is power up/power down.

    THe trac 40 is inexpensive, has free fall and is easy to install, but it is pretty loud. I have two on my boat now (20/72 F & F) that I bought in April or May. They both work well, but the noise makes me mad. I sue them alot in shallow water. I am probably going to replace them with 2 mushc more expensive Minn Kotas. Like I said, they work great, but are a bit louder than I wanted. If you are interested, I will discount them. Send a pm.


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    Default trac 40

    The Trac 40 isn't a bad anchor. A little loud, but works great with a heavy weight. pm for you.

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