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Thread: Crappie Have Me Stumped This Year...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ketchn View Post
    I dont hit the water in a boat enough to tell ya if they are stacked up on trees or not , but it is my opinion that it is highly unlikely that they will be in herds this time of year in any one spot for very long anyway .
    a day or so up in short water ,some but not all of them , some will stay out and suspend until they want to run , the runs over lap as well and some will hunker down on the bottom on single fish cover .
    boy fish might stay on beds and not bite as well during weather pattern changes and such too ....
    hit or miss depending on lots of factors .....
    work shorelines like a bass fisher person is the word and stop the boat if ya hit one and work the area harder ....
    there is a method to the madness in the spring fling ....some shore lines will be loaded and others not a fish ...just saying
    @Ketchn.. Wisely said... I normally don't fish under 8 Feet because I don't like fishing shallow. It explains why I am not a fan of fishing during the Spawn & have to comb the lake for a hard Tx 25. When I fish brush in the Shallows it drives me nuts when I fish 1-3 feet & miss the fish then the line gets wrapped around the rod like Rubix Cube Expert to undo it. Miss a fish and raise the rod too high in the brush & the rod gets stuck in the darn tree & you find out how strong a tiny twig is that can break your Rod Eyes. Ketchn I've gotten thumped so hard that I thought Orca was reincarnated into a darn Crappie & when I raised up the rod I got the ROD CAUGHT UP IN THE TREE LIMBS, WITH THE FISH & LINE TANGLED WHERE I HAD TO CUT THE LINE 7 LET THE FISH FALL IN MY NET BECAUSE IT WAS TOO HIGH. You do explain why they are hard as heck to find because they are in less abundance in 8Feet or Deeper. Maybe that GOD'S way of allowing people to Grocery Shop his Lake Store without boats & I need to respect dat. Thanks.
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    try pebble beaches and slow roll a jig from the bank out to the boat , it is SUPER deadly this time of year if you are near a solid spawning area in a boat , just fyi , sit in 12 or so foot of water and pitch to the bank and hop it back to ya , thank me later
    sum kawl me tha outlaw ketchn whales
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