Yep, I've also been fortunate enough to upgrade my personal best twice this year. In fairness I've fished for Crappie some throughout my adult life, but never pursued them with any real drive because I simply didn't have a lot of good Crappie lakes near me. I've since moved seasonally to upstate South Carolina and now I do fish for them and do have some pretty good lakes nearby. The first was a 17" fish that weighed 2.8 pounds (my scale only weighs to the nearest tenth of a pound) and I followed that up with a 16.75" fish that weighed 2.9 pounds. I've slowed down some this spring and the average size is smaller than it had been in late winter, so I don't anticipate breaking it again this spring (although anything is possible), but I'll be back in December and going after it hard to find/catch an honest 3 pounder.

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