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Thread: Day of firsts !

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    I've seen the perch tail-deformity in two different waters, so I can't suggest, maybe the mother got around. :rolleyes:

    On thing I should make clear: I count all size fish - not just the decent size fish. My reason for fishing is to prove that new lure designs in different colors catch fish and to confirm that old designs weren't just lucky catches. example:

    White perch and crappie were caught on this design first time out a few days before in another lake. It caught 4 species yesterday big time but also using a clear plastic tail!:

    Looking at the photo in the initial post you may be thinking: the two aren't much different. Visually yes but lure action very different!

    Proven were a few things:
    1. clear tails work
    2. the 2 3/4" size was struck by all size fish
    3. the long tapered body and tail fish found the need to destroy has a unique action different from other shapes.

    Another was this tail fin from a Mann Shadow added to a segment of Fry Fry stick which proved amazing for all size fish and 4 fish species in three different waters!:

    It led to me trying a variation:

    So while it's nice to catch fish on one lure design, for me success on the water means catching fish on many designs - especially those cooked up in my workshop.
    I look at fishing like a point system: 1 point for each fish caught on lures I make/design regardless of size. Therefore 65 fish=65 points - somewhat supportive (though temporary) of my genius. LOL)
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