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Thread: Crappie Hunting

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    Default Crappie Hunting

    My wife and I went crappie hunting on the Grand River in Grand Rapids, MI this am. We got on the water about 9am. My homebuilt sailing dinghy of 12 ft has been commissioned as our fishing boat on these excursions. Powere by oar. We headed west from the ramp to the opposite bank where there are plenty of deadfalls to work. I know it was a late start for crappie, but one gets on the water when he can.

    We fished for three hours without raising a single crappie. We threw every color of the rainbow at 'em. We used road runner jig heads and round. Not a bite from a crappie! We did catch 4 large mouth bass, all well over two lbs. We caught one northern pike which was larger than the bass, and we caught one blue gill about the size of my 3 yo granddaughter's hand. But no crappie. It was not a good day for fishing .

    PS Recently bought a SC81 rod from Southern Crappie rods based upon research on this forum. I would have preferred the 6' rod, but it was out of stock. Nevertheless, I am very pleased with this rod.

    Also, I discovered that bass like black/purple, red/chart, black/chart, and white/chart jigs. Northern Pike like black/chart jigs. I have no idea what crappie like, though.

    PPS Neither my wife nor I own cell phones or cameras. There is no proof whatsoever that the foregoing happened. You are right to be skeptical given that anglers are notorious for telling tales.
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    Some days they are hard to find. You did get some fish in the boat. That makes for a good day
    :I would like to thank the builders of docks for giving me a place to fish and lose tackle
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