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Thread: Spot Lock from the Stern Seat

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    Default Spot Lock from the Stern Seat

    Several months ago I bought a Terrova with a lot more capability than I have, but I've gotten pretty good with Spot Lock. I saw a video from "Hook City" that really explained their technique and have applied it successfully. I remember when I was debating the need and application of a new TM with Spot Lock, I questioned the stern swinging with the wind as the boat was held in position at the bow. This was explained by several on this forum, and several solutions were offered. After several months use I have observed that what I thought might be a problem, is actually an asset. I have a tiller boat, the depth finder is stern mounted and the trolling motor is of coarse bow mounted. I fish from the stern always. Two days ago I went yellow perch fishing on Chilhowee Lake. We caught 22 in 27 FOW with jigs tipped with minnows. I caught about the same number as my bow seated buddy. When tight lining for crappie, it is the same, sometimes with me doing even better. I am not given to competition when fishing; in fact I get a lot of satisfaction when my fishing partners do well. But recently one accused me of hogging the brush pile......really puts a damper on a relationship, as nothing could be further from the truth. So, what's happening with that stern swinging with the wind? I really believe that it is just a matter of the stern moving applying action to the jigs and thereby covering more of vertical structure. I have also observed that when locked off to the side of a brush pile that the person in the bow seat does better than I usually do. That swinging causes me to constantly have to adjust my casting distance, whereas the bow fisherman can get in a groove. Anyone else notice this, or have any thoughts? Thanks
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    when crappie are present and the boat moves to and fro it can be very difficult to get your presentation so so .
    we often anchor down on some of the boats I get to pitch out of and to be sure you can be on them 1 or 2 drops and gone when the boat swings .
    does one guy have an advantage over the other in that scenario ? I would say it totally depends on who is sitting where and the proximity of the fish to ones boat position .
    many times I feel the boat is not where the crappie are and I pitch in the direction of where the fish are best I can tell . sometimes that cures it for me sometimes not so much .
    one thing for certain boat control and or lack of plays a major role in your ability to ketch crappie when they are in a holding stationary on something mood .
    sum kawl me tha outlaw ketchn whales
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    It is the same when two are shooting docks. Boat position, drift, wind influence all make it hard to give equal opportunity to both ends of the boat. All you can do is the best you can do.
    :I would like to thank the builders of docks for giving me a place to fish and lose tackle

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    Set up so both of you can fish the spot. Spot lock the front and anchor the back to keep you both in place. No other way to do it if there’s a breeze blowing.
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    To OP question.
    Only solution we found is a corner anchor for stern wagging.
    Sucks to be the stern guy. LOL

    Just had this discussion with the boat partner while fishing in light winds with a BT Terrova on spotlock.

    Seems that winds less than 5 mph allows the boat stern to wag alot.
    Higher winds tend to keep the boat stern center inline with the Tmotor.

    So we came up with a solution.

    A retractable 12 volt Tmotor( not a lot of thrust needed) on the stern that is BT linked (slaved) to the front trolling motor.
    The rear motor would only adjust for port/starboard control.
    The stern position could be controlled by degrees so the stern could be set in any position(port/starboard) relative to the bow Tmotor position.

    Basically the bow would spot lock in 4 directions and the stern would spot lock in 2 directions.

    There ya go Minn Kota.
    The solution, a free idea to use and run with it, with no claims attached.
    Just send me a free(with 3 yr warranty) unit in consideration for the idea. LOL

    I know, but hey, it was my dream solution as I was the stern guy with anchor duty.
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