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Thread: Full moon - How deep

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    Default Full moon - How deep

    Fishing with shiners and micro bream at night.
    Water depth is 8 to 12' in the zone I can cast to.
    Drops off gradually to about 18' in the middle
    Sunken trees about 6' off bottom in the zone
    Water viability about 12 - 18"
    Water surface temp is 85 - 90
    A med bright light is about 20' away next to the bank that stays on every night and lights up surface about 2/3 the way out to the zone.
    I can see shad popping in and out past the light.
    Fishing a small "flourescant yellow" cork and can see it okay to tell if there is a take down
    4# clear with small red hook and lil bb about 6" above hook

    How deep would you fish the live bait?
    Would you hook though top to make it swim hard or through the lips and jig it a little?

    Long text..thanks in advance and I will update results.

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    I tend to allows hook through the lips. Bait lasts longer and looks more natural to me. As far as depth the crappie will be just under what they are feeding on.
    :I would like to thank the builders of docks for giving me a place to fish and lose tackle
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    some of the best shiner dunkers hook them in the tail so they struggle like crazy ,just a thought .
    depth is so variable on crappie I would just have to keep playing until I found where .
    perimeter of the lit area is likely where they will stalk .
    my 2 cents
    sum kawl me tha outlaw ketchn whales

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